The Efficacy Mechanism Of Glutathione As A Whitening Ingredient suppliers & manufacturers in China

The Efficacy Mechanism Of Glutathione As A Whitening Ingredient


CAS:70-18-8;Assay:99% min

CAS NO.:70-18-8


Glutathione bulk powder raw material - NMN suppliers & manufacturers in China.


Glutathione plays an important role in the biochemical defense system of the human body and has various physiological functions. Its main physiological function is to remove free radicals in the human body, and as an important antioxidant in the body, it can protect the sulfhydryl groups in many proteins and enzymes. In addition, the structure of glutathione (GSH) contains an active sulfhydryl-SH, which is easy to be oxidized and dehydrogenated. This specific structure makes it the main free radical scavenger in the body.


L-Glutathione Reduced(C10H17N3O6S)




White or almost white powder


99% min


Not more than 200 ppm


Not more than 300 ppm


Not more than 200 ppm


Not more than 10 ppm


Not more than 2 ppm

Heavy metals

Not more than 10 ppm

Cadmium (Cd)

Not more than 1 ppm

Lead (Pb)

Not more than 3 ppm

Mercury (Hg)

Not more than 1 ppm

Sulfated ash

Not more than 0.1%

Loss on drying

Not more than 0.5%

Shelf Life

Two years when properly stored.

Glutathione is not only directly involved in scavenging free radicals, but also regulates external antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. After vitamin E scavenges free radicals, it becomes oxidized vitamin E, and vitamin C can regenerate vitamin E. After regeneration, vitamin C becomes dehydroascorbic acid, and GSH can turn dehydroascorbic acid into vitamin C, that is, vitamin C can also be regenerated by GSH. Therefore, GSH plays a crucial role in the antioxidant system in the body, and antioxidant is related to a variety of processes, including aging, melanin synthesis, cell damage, inflammation, etc. Therefore, GSH has a wide range of physiological effects. surprise.

The efficacy mechanism of glutathione as a whitening ingredient:

1. Directly passivate tyrosinase, combine with copper ions on the tyrosinase molecule, inactivate tyrosinase activity, and inhibit the production of melanin.

2. Indirectly regulate the switching mechanism from eumelanin to pheomelanin production, because glutathione is the main cysteine warehouse, and the increase of cysteine level can cause eumelanin production to pheomelanin production. Switching of melanogenesis.

3. Reduce free radicals and peroxides, reduce the biochemical activity of melanocytes.

4. Neutralize the toxicity of pigment cell toxic substances, and protect pigment cells from necrosis and deterioration, and stains appear.

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