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Application of glutathione in medicine, health products and food

Jun 14, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Glutathione is a tripeptide composed of three amino acids, glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid.

From the perspective of scientific research, glutathione does have many effects. Currently, it is generally recognized that it has anti-oxidation, detoxification, liver protection, delays skin aging and pigmentation, and is beneficial to the recovery of certain diseases.

Glutathione is an important regulatory metabolite in the cells of the body. It has strong antioxidant properties and broad-spectrum detoxification properties, so it can prevent hemolysis and protect the liver.

Reduced glutathione can directly combine with oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide to generate water and oxidized glutathione, and can also reduce methemoglobin to hemoglobin. There is a lot of glutathione in human red blood cells, which is of great significance for protecting the sulfhydryl groups of proteins on the red blood cell membrane in a reduced state and preventing hemolysis.

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Glutathione has many applications, and it can be seen in the ingredients of many medicines; medicines with reduced glutathione as the main component are mainly used for the protection and treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

Glutathione is often used together with drugs to treat tumors clinically, which can alleviate the toxic and side effects caused by chemotherapy.

Some studies have proved that it plays a very important role in maintaining the transparency of the lens and can treat eye diseases; it can also inhibit HIV to protect the body from HIV to a certain extent, and so on.

Glutathione can not only eliminate free radicals in the human body, but also improve human immunity. Glutathione maintains health and anti-aging, and its effect on the retarded cells of the elderly is greater than that of young people. Many health foods will add glutathione to help enhance immunity or skin improvement. Currently, glutathione is often compounded with vitamin C, lipoic acid or cysteine in health foods for health care In food, the main function is to provide antioxidant properties while promoting the improvement of skin whitening effect.

In common foods, glutathione is also often used to improve the texture of certain foods or as an antioxidant to extend the shelf life of foods and prevent discoloration.

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