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Increase glutathione to remove toxins from the body

Oct 17, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

In the 20th century, humans all over the world are grateful that we live longer than our ancestors, but at the same time, we also have to bear the burden of chronic diseases caused by over-exploitation, which frustrates the hope of longevity. For example, some food, air, and water are commonly polluted by environmental poisons, which affects physical health. If you want to maintain the ideal of health and longevity, you must pay attention to your body's defense system, which is the GSH detoxification system in your body.

The main detoxification and detoxification organs in our body are the liver and kidneys, which contain particularly high concentrations of GSH.

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In addition to humans and mammals, GSH also plays a very important role in almost all vertebrates, insects, plants, and microorganisms. Although glutathione was discovered by Dr. De-Rey-Pailhade as early as 1888, its main role in detoxification was not identified until 1970. In the past thirty years, scientists had limited knowledge of the detoxifying effects of GSH. Since then, research interest has been increasing, and new discoveries have been made about its functions.

So, in our daily life or in the surrounding environment, what poisons can affect our physical and mental health? How to increase glutathione levels to detoxify?

1. The burned cigarette products (tar) also contain powerful carcinogens, which can not only cause lung cancer, but also other tumors. GSH is known to be the best antioxidant that can neutralize and eliminate these "free radicals" in the body.

2. If we are exposed to xenobiotics for a long time, our bodies will undergo subtle and difficult-to-understand changes, which are the so-called "environmental disease syndrome", such as headache, fatigue and lethargy; these minor discomforts It is often difficult for doctors to diagnose it, and MCS is often not discovered until after it occurs. MCS is the abbreviation of "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity".

Exposure to environmental pollutants is inevitable. However, because there are so many types and quantities of environmental toxins, our health is greatly threatened. In their paper on the chemical toxicity of factory workers, Drs. Parke and Sapota made a strong statement that the health threats of this environmental toxin can be eliminated by GSH.

3. Research shows that exposure to radiation will produce "hydroxyl free radicals", which are the most powerful and active free radicals and are the most harmful to the human body. The main function of GSH is to neutralize "hydroxyl radicals". It can be seen that GSH can reduce the side effects caused by radiation therapy, and sometimes GSH itself has a therapeutic effect.

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