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Jul 13, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NR or NMN, which one is better?

The molecular structures of NMN and NR are roughly the same, except that NMN has an extra phosphate group. However, from the perspective of the synthesis path of NAD+, supplementing NMN is the most direct and effective way to supplement NAD+.


On January 7, 2009, researchers from Washington University School of Medicine published a study in the journal Nature Metabolism: they found the NMN transporter - SIc12a8 transporter, which will transport NMN directly to cells with the help of sodium ions Medium and quickly play a role for the production of NAD.

Analysis of human genome databases revealed that the gene encoding this transporter is also present in humans, with highest levels in the small intestine, stomach, testis, thyroid and colon. Therefore, if studies confirm that the expression pattern of this NMN transporter is similar between mice and humans, NMN may be the more potent precursor compared to NR.

Generally speaking, although NR can increase the level of NAD+, its macroscopic physiological effect as a precursor of NAD+ is very limited. In recent years, clinical studies have found that NR has no effect on energy metabolism, cardiopulmonary function, mitochondrial function and insulin resistance. Obviously, no consistent conclusions can be drawn from the results of different reports.

In summary, both NMN and NR can safely and effectively increase NAD+ levels, and NMN, as an aging intervention technology with proven efficacy and high market acceptance, has become one of the ingredients recommended by more people.

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