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Supplementing NMN may improve brain nutrition and energy supply

Sep 12, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

During human aging, neurovascular coupling function is disrupted, leading to cognitive decline. In order to improve the neurovascular coupling function, scientists have done a lot of exploration. Until April 2019, researchers from the University of Oklahoma in the United States found that injection of NMN (500 mg/kg) can effectively restore the neurovascular coupling function of elderly mice, thereby improving age-related cognitive decline. The discovery was published in the journal Redox Biology.

The decline in neurovascular coupling function is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, the elasticity of blood vessels in the brain is reduced, which is not conducive to the supply of nutrients; on the other hand, the function of glial cells is reduced, and the energy supply is reduced.

First, the researchers used nitric oxide as a stimulating factor to induce a vasodilation response. They found that the blood vessel elasticity of old mice was significantly lower than that of young mice. After supplementing NMN, the vascular elasticity of old mice almost returned to a youthful state, indicating that NMN can significantly improve vascular elasticity and improve the neurovascular coupling function of old mice.

Secondly, the researchers used electron microscopy technology to observe the morphology of mitochondria. Young mice had plump mitochondria, while old mice had atrophic mitochondria. NMN supplementation could rescue this morphological abnormality.

The researchers then measured how much energy was available to the neurons within the cells. The results showed that the energy in the cells of old mice was less than half of that of young mice, while supplementing NMN could significantly increase the energy level to about 80% of that of young mice.

Finally, the researchers further explored whether NMN could help improve the cognitive and memory abilities of elderly mice. The results of the "hexagonal maze experiment" showed that young mice could easily remember the location of the maze exit, while old mice were unable to remember and the number of errors increased significantly, but supplementing NMN would alleviate this phenomenon.

Overall, this NMN experiment can prove that NMN can not only promote vasodilation and significantly improve vascular elasticity, but also improve the function of glial cell mitochondria, thereby improving neurovascular coupling function and effectively improving cognition in elderly mice. and memory ability.

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