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What are the reactions of NMN eating? Let's take a look together!

Mar 01, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN is an outstanding achievement in the pursuit of health and longevity in the field of modern biotechnology. More and more people choose to maintain their bodies, and NMN is their first choice!


At present, there are more than 500 scientific research papers on NMN in authoritative journals around the world, and the number of users exceeds one million. Scientific experiments have confirmed that: ten minutes after oral administration of NMN, it can enter the blood; after 30 minutes, the content of NAD+ in the human body can be increased to play a role. What are the reactions of NMN after eating? Let's take a look together!


1. The reaction of taking NMN - drowsiness/excitement, NMN adjusts neurons

After taking NMN, some people will experience symptoms of snoozing and insomnia, which is actually a phenomenon of liver detoxification. Because the liver can only be repaired during sleep. So after taking NMN, our sleep time will be prolonged, and NMN helps our liver to restore its youthful state.

There are more elderly people who experience drowsiness after taking NMN, so young and middle-aged people don't have to worry about drowsiness and affecting work after taking NMN. After taking NMN, there will be hyperactivity and sleeplessness because NMN is repairing the central nervous system, which will put the body in a more stimulating state.

However, due to the different conditions of each person, there are differences in the changes during the repair process. Most people will have symptoms of sleepiness and hyperactivity, and these two symptoms are more likely to appear at the same time.

The reaction of taking NMN - drowsiness/excitement, NMN adjusts neurons


2. The reaction of taking NMN - the change of appetite, which is the performance of regulating metabolism

The functions of NMN include: anti-aging, repairing genes, improving physical health, etc. Let’s think about it, do you feel hungry when you are young, and your body’s metabolism is also very good. Sometimes you don’t have to worry about eating supper. After eating NMN The manifestation of this change in appetite is that the body is repairing and becoming younger.

This is also because NMN has the function of improving metabolism, so you can be hungry quickly, and eating more is the recovery of gastric function. This situation was obvious when I first started taking NMN, and I didn’t feel it after a few days of adaptation. The reduction in appetite means that through the regulation of NMN, our metabolism is accelerated, and gastric motility has not kept up with the pace of metabolism.

At this time, we need to continue to take NMN, use NMN to regulate our gastrointestinal function, and our appetite will naturally return to normal.

The reaction of taking NMN - the change of appetite, which is the performance of regulating metabolism


3. The reaction of taking NMN - surging kinetic energy and full of energy

42% of users said that after taking NMN, their mental state is better, they are full of energy without fatigue and sleepiness, NMN supports the production of NAD+, which can provide energy for cells, improve immunity, accelerate tissue repair and regeneration, keep the human body healthy, and delay aging .


4. The reaction of taking NMN—increased alcohol capacity, protecting the liver and kidney

4% of the users said that after taking NMN, the amount of alcohol increased, and there was no discomfort such as hangover and headache. Studies have shown that NMN can protect the liver from alcohol-induced liver damage. Compared with non-drinking mice, the Atf3 activity of mice that did not receive NMN increased. About 40 times. Although it did not completely moderate Atf3 overexpression, NMN significantly improved it, as NMN-injected mice reduced this activity by about 5-fold.

The research team believes that NMN prevents the uncontrolled accumulation of scar tissue called fibrosis in the liver and also lessens the damaging effects of alcohol on the liver. For the average adult who drinks slightly above the recommended amount of alcohol, enhancing liver function with NMN supplementation may be a beneficial way to promote liver health.

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