L-Glutathione Reduced Functional Food Base suppliers & manufacturers in China

L-Glutathione Reduced Functional Food Base


CAS:70-18-8;Assay:99% min

CAS NO.:70-18-8


Glutathione bulk powder raw material - NMN suppliers & manufacturers in China.


Glutathione is very important to the health of every cell in the human body. When the intracellular glutathione content drops too low, the cells will die. Glutathione mainly plays the roles of fighting free radicals (Free radicals), detoxifying exogenous substances, reducing vitamin C, protecting DNA, regulating cell proliferation and apoptosis, regulating immune function and fibrogenesis.


L-Glutathione Reduced(C10H17N3O6S)




White or almost white powder


99% min


Not more than 200 ppm


Not more than 300 ppm


Not more than 200 ppm


Not more than 10 ppm


Not more than 2 ppm

Heavy metals

Not more than 10 ppm

Cadmium (Cd)

Not more than 1 ppm

Lead (Pb)

Not more than 3 ppm

Mercury (Hg)

Not more than 1 ppm

Sulfated ash

Not more than 0.1%

Loss on drying

Not more than 0.5%

Shelf Life

Two years when properly stored.

Glutathione can not only be used in medicine, but also can be used as the base material of functional food, which is widely used in functional food such as delaying aging, enhancing immunity and anti-tumor. There are two kinds of glutathione in the human body: reduced (G-SH) and oxidized (G-S-S-G) forms, and reduced glutathione accounts for the vast majority under physiological conditions.

The proven effects of glutathione are as follows:

1. Cell metabolism function of glutathione: promote DNA synthesis and repair; promote protein and prostaglandin synthesis; promote amino acid transmembrane transport; enzyme activation (including glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxide enzyme, glutathione-s-transferase).

2. The cell protection function of glutathione: neutralize and reduce various toxins and carcinogens; prevent intracellular oxidative damage; enhance and support the immune system.

3. Beneficial to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Oral glutathione may have a positive effect on improving liver function and fatty liver.

We have always adhered to green environmental protection, technological innovation and global layout. The company is equipped with advanced scientific research equipment and an experienced scientific research team. The production technologies such as glutathione and β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide developed by the company are internationally leading, all of which are independently developed. Enzyme technology has won many national patents.

Packing and transportation

Packing25KG/Cardboard Durm,Inner by double plastic bag or Customized
StorageKeep in cool and dry place, keep away from from strong light
Shelf Life2 Years

Abt 3 days By Express (DHL or FedEx)

Abt 7-10 days By Air From China Airport

Abt 10-15 days By Sea From China Seapot

Payment term100% T/T ADVANCE
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