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The synthesis method of NMN

Jul 28, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is currently one of the most researched and most popular anti-aging substances.NMN is a substance that occurs naturally in our body.NMN is the precursor of NAD+. NAD+ is a very important molecule in every cell in our body.


The synthesis method of NMN

There are three main production methods of NMN at present: including chemical synthesis, fermentation and biological enzyme catalysis.

1. Chemical synthesis

The technology of chemical synthesis is relatively simple, and the cost is much lower than the other two methods. Chemical methods usually require multi-step reactions, and the overall yield is not high. Subsequent separation and purification can be used to improve the purity of the product. Since NMN has two configurations of α and β, chemical methods cannot selectively synthesize pure β-NMN. The impurities produced during the chemical process are not found in the human body, and are additional impurities (mainly chemical solvents, etc.). Although they are also trace amounts, it is not ruled out that impurities accumulate in the body and may be harmful to the human body for a long time.

2. Fermentation method

The main representative of this is Japan's emerging and advanced technology products, which have high technical barriers, low output and high prices.

3. Biological enzyme catalysis method

This is what we usually call enzymatic technology. This method simulates the metabolic pathway of NMN in vivo, expresses in vivo enzymes in vitro, and realizes in vitro enzyme-catalyzed reactions to produce NMN. The enzymatic production process is consistent with the biological process, and basically no additional impurities are produced (the purity is above 99%). Enzymatic methods can be further divided into one-step enzymatic methods and whole enzymatic methods. The one-step enzymatic method uses chemically synthesized NR as a raw material to synthesize NMN through a one-step enzyme-catalyzed reaction. The whole enzymatic method uses natural extracted core raw materials to synthesize NMN by simulating multi-step enzyme-catalyzed reactions in organisms. The whole enzymatic method does not involve chemical raw materials, has high safety, and has high technical barriers.

Bioenzyme catalysis is a relatively popular production method at present, and the threshold is relatively high. Several key catalytic enzymes are expensive, accounting for about 80% of the cost of the entire production process, but it is also a safe and efficient production method. The NMN product produced by the whole enzymatic method is superior to other production methods in terms of product purity, safety and stability, and is the preferred choice of major mainstream manufacturers in the market.

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